As a life-long resident of District 9, I care about saving our iconic business, our parks, and neighborhood-based schools. I hope you'll join me on this journey, so we can celebrate and protect everything that makes Austin, Austin!

- Linda Guerrero


Linda Guerrero.

I'm an Austinite that desires the best possible future for my beloved city. I have led with integrity and fairness during my service on the City of Austin Boards and Commissions. I've strived to incorporate my core values and beliefs into my daily pursuit for neighborhood equity and benefits.

I have witnessed both sides of development these past many years. I prefer a sustainable and sensitive plan that is inclusive of community goals. My top priorities are parkland, open space, conservation and preservation.

The best part of community involvement and participation is the potential of creating an acceptable position for both parties. The constant new wave of people to our city contributes to a more diverse population to increase tolerance and flexibility with the Austin lifestyle.